Jekyll Island Lions Club Flag Maintenance and Telephone Book Projects

Flag Maintenance 1

The Jekyll Island Lions Club displays American flags on federal holidays in the island’s Historic District and in the Beach Village as a public service.  The newer flags are made of nylon while the older flags are made of cotton.  About once a year, the flags are evaluated to see if any of the older flags need to be repaired or replaced.  This year, Lions Jim and Pete took on the task.  Both Lions took home four cotton flags each, removed them from their metal display poles, and washed them.  After washing, the flags looked serviceable and will be used for another year.

Earlier in the year, the Jekyll Island Lions Club flag signs were updated to include the Jekyll Business Association as the sponsor.   The new signs, however, did not have the Lions Clubs International (LCI) logo on them.  Lion Pete ordered six from the LCI online supplies store.  Then Lions Pete and Jim attached them to the signs as part of the annual maintenance project.  The larger metal sign received decals on both sides since it is usually placed in the Historic District and passers-by can see both sides.  The smaller sign usually is placed so that passers-by can only see one side, so it received two decals.

In other activity, Lions Cathy and Pete have been working on the residential portion of the Jekyll Island 2018-2019 telephone book project.  Their effort has focused on adding new island residents, removing those no longer living on the island, and making corrections or other changes.  The deadline for telephone book input is 15 September 2017.  As part of the quality control process, the two realty companies on the island are reviewing the listing and identifying any changes.  The commercial advertisements sales team has made significant progress selling space in the telephone book as well.  This year, the Club decided to try a mailing campaign rather than going door-to-door as in the past.  While a number of businesses have responded to the mailings, others appear to require a personal touch.  The telephone book project is one of the Club’s major fundraisers.


The 2016-2017 Telephone Directory



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