Jekyll Lions Face Communication Challenges

Communications technology is changing faster and faster, which makes it challenging for a club to communicate with its members and the public.  Who uses what technology depends on age, aptitude, and equipment.  For any Lions Club, there might be members who only use the telephone and email while there are others who use the latest social media tools.  Clubs try to cope with this technology disparity in various ways.  The Jekyll Island Lions Club primarily uses email and the telephone for internal communication. However, it does have an active website and an active Facebook page.  Some Jekyll Island Lions have also used Twitter on behalf of the Club, and newspaper articles plus pictures routinely appear in The Golden Islander and The Brunswick News.  Then there is this weekly blog. In the past, there was also a monthly newsletter, which may be revived depending on how much time it takes to produce.  Those are a lot of  channels to keep active to reach the widest audience.


At the Lions Clubs International level, there is the Lions SMiLE initiative.  This group of Lions helps local Lions Clubs understand and use social media applications and tools. They produce videos and presentations for download, a blog, and a social media directory.  In order to attract and communicate with younger people, understanding social media is a must.


MyLion is a new app that is designed to facilitate communications between Lions.  It was introduced at the Lions Clubs International convention in Chicago this year.  Not many Jekyll Island Lions have downloaded it onto their cellphones or tablets yet so, at the Club level, there is almost no use.  Indeed, not everyone who has downloaded it has gotten it to work.  At least it has a support team working out the bugs!

Getting back to the Jekyll Island Lions Club, there is no formal team working all the communications outlets.  One member usually writes articles for The Golden Islander. Another member runs the Club’s website and sends pictures to The Brunswick News. The members who have Facebook accounts can contribute to the Facebook page.  One member writes this blog, and otherwise plays with social media tools like Twitter on behalf of the Club.




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