Jekyll Lions Help Each Other

A few years ago, Jekyll Island Lion Tom resigned as an active member of the Club after decades of service to the community.  He was in his mid-nineties by then and attending meetings or participating in activities was difficult.  The Club gave him a rousing send off and presented him with an American flag to fly in front of his house.  About a month ago, Tom’s daughter-in-law contacted the Club and noted that Tom’s 97th birthday was coming up.  She commented that his flag had faded and she wondered if she could buy him a new one through the Club to replace it.  Lion Jim is the Jekyll Island Lions Club American flag project chairman and he bought a replacement on her behalf.  The day before Lion Tom’s birthday, Lions Jim, Howard and Pete showed up at Lion Tom’s house and surprised him with the gift.  Then all three joined Lion Tom outside to lower the faded flag and raise the new one.  Lion Tom kept the faded flag for its sentimental value.

Less than a week later, Lion Frank contacted a few fellow Lions asking for help.  His daughter was moving from Michigan to the Jekyll Island area.  Until she found a place to live, she would be staying with her parents so all her belongings needed to be put in storage.  Lion Frank arranged for the rental of two storage units in nearby Brunswick and he requested help unloading his daughter’s two trucks.  Lions Howard, Rick, and Pete joined Lion Frank, his daughter, and one of his daughter’s friends unloading the trucks and stacking everything in the storage units.  It was another example of Jekyll Lions helping each other.

One benefit of belonging to a service organization like Lions Clubs International is developing friendships and a mutual network of support.  While individual Lions themselves cannot receive any of the charitable funds the Club collects, they certainly can help each other in other ways.  We see it all the time on Jekyll Island.



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