A Jekyll Island Lions Club 4th of July

The 4th of July is a busy time for the Jekyll Island Lions Club because the Club displays American flags on the island and participates in the Independence Day Parade.  Let’s discuss the parade first.  Jekyll Island is a small community and the short parade consists of walkers, bicycle riders, and golf carts, all decorated in their most patriotic colors.  The Club participates in the golf cart category.  This year, Club President C. J. borrowed his mother-in-law’s yellow 4-seater for the event.  In anticipation of the parade, Lion Pete had purchased two large Lions Clubs International “We Serve” logos at the Georgia Lions Clubs convention in May, and Lion Cathy had later purchased red, white and blue banners, pinwheels, and stars at a local hobby store.  Lion C. J. had patriotic decorations from the previous year as well. The day before the parade, Lion C. J. drove the golf cart over to Lions Pete and Cathy’s house, where they applied the decorations and stored it over night in the garage in case of rain.

Early in the morning on the 4th of July, Lions Mike, Norm, Jim, Howard and Pete picked up the American flags from the warehouse and installed them in their appropriate holders in the Historic District and the Beach Village.  The parade goes through the Historic District along the route where many of the flags are displayed.

While Lion Pete was installing American flags. Lion Cathy drove the golf cart over to Lion C. J.’s house, where he added two banners noting the 100 years of service Lions Clubs International has provided to the world.  Then Lion C. J. took the wheel and drove to the parade starting point at the Jekyll Island Museum on Stable Road.  When Lion Pete was finished with the flags, he joined them where the parade participants were lining up.  The plan was to have Lions C. J. and Cathy in the cart while Lion Pete walked along side handing out peppermints to the crowd.  Well, the parade moved quite a bit faster than the peppermint distribution but everyone ended up in front of the judges’ stand in the end.  The Jekyll Island Lions Club was both surprised and honored to win third place in the patriotic golf cart category!



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