Jekyll Island Lions’ Flags, Blood and Cheese

Lions Sign (3)

The new Lions Club sign on the causeway just before the bridge onto Jekyll Island.

The Jekyll Island Lions Club has been busy since the Georgia State Lions Convention ended, even though the Club is technically on break.  Every summer, the Club stops meeting for three months because it is “high season” on the island.  Hotels are full, restaurants are crowded, and tourists are many.  The Club resumes meeting in September when the pace slows down and life returns to normal.  Ironically, a new Jekyll Island Lions Club sign at the entrance to the island went up just as the Club was going on vacation.  It is still nice to have the sign reappear; it had gone missing during road construction awhile ago.

The day after the State Convention ended was Memorial Day and the Club once again displayed American Flags in the Historic District and the Beach Village.  Lions Norm, Jim, Howard and Pete got the flags out of the warehouse at 7:30 am and flew them until 3:30 pm.

On Thursday, Lions Howard, Cathy, Bob and Pete volunteered at the American Red Cross blood drive in the Presbyterian Community Church.  Lion Howard continued to serve as the Jekyll Island blood drive coordinator and he donated blood, too.  Lion Cathy worked the check-in desk while Lions Pete and Bob volunteered as donor escorts and snack table monitors.

More Cheese Lions

Lions Mike and Pam giving Georgia Lions Camp Director Mike Williams 21 wheels of donated cheese.

On Sunday, Lions Mike and Pam delivered 21 two-pound wheels of Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese to the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind near Waycross, Georgia.  The Club did not sell its entire inventory of cheese this year and it was decided to donate the remaining wheels to charity.  The Camp accepted half of the Club’s inventory and Lion Rick volunteered to find another charity that would take the rest after 16 June.  In the meantime, cheese wheels will be available for sale.


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