Jekyll Island Lions Paint Memory Matters House

Lion C.J.

Lion C.J. uses a roller to paint the former dining room.

Three Jekyll Island Lions helped paint two rooms and a kitchen at the Memory Matters House on 19 May.  Memory Matters is a local independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports individuals with memory impairment and their caregivers. The Southeast Georgia Health System rents the house to Memory Matters for a nominal fee but the organization must maintain and renovate the former residence on its own. The interior of the building needed updating and painting and that’s where the Lions volunteered to step in.

Lions C.J., Howard and Pete joined with other volunteers at the House to paint.  The “Florida” room was the largest and most challenging; it had paneling on two walls with large “ceiling to floor” windows on the other two.  The paneling required a coat of primer first, then a coat of regular paint.  The kitchen and what probably was once the dining room just needed painting, no priming. Lion C.J. relied on his past experience as a professional house painter and made the work go quickly.  By closing time at 4:00 pm, the walls were finished, leaving only trim painting for another group of volunteers expected the next day to complete.  The Memory Matters staff made sure we were well fed, too!


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