CMAP Eye Clinic Changes

April 2017 CMAP

Eye Clinic volunteers from (left to right) the Jekyll Island Lions Club, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation, and the Brunswick Lions Club (2).  A Jekyll Island Lion is taking the picture.

There have been some changes with the monthly Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation eye clinics at the Coastal Medical Access Project (CMAP) in Brunswick, Georgia. Previously, the clinic was held on a Saturday, which allowed CMAP to host both a doctor for conducting eye examinations and a volunteer staff for fitting glasses.  A few months ago, the clinic day was changed to Wednesday.  Since Wednesday is a normal work day for the clinic, no room is available for examinations; those are now done at optometrists’ offices as regular appointments.  Only eye glass fittings are conducted during the clinic, and these are done in CMAP’s conference room.

There are three active Lions Clubs in this area: The Jekyll Island Lions Club, the Brunswick Lions Club, and the Golden Isles Lions Club on Saint Simons Island. Historically, the Jekyll Island Club has always had at least one volunteer at the clinic.  On occasion, volunteers would show up from the other clubs.  With the current clinic only fitting glasses in a small conference room, only two volunteers can be accommodated and stay busy.  At the last clinic, two volunteers from Jekyll Island and two volunteers from Brunswick showed up.  In discussing the situation, they agreed that more volunteer coordination would be beneficial.  Lion Cathy from the Jekyll Island Club drew up a schedule and is coordinating it between the Brunswick volunteers and the Jekyll Island volunteers.


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