Lions Work Weekend and Cheese Sales


The Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind, also known as The Georgia Lions Camp, runs two “work weekends” in the spring to get the camp ready for the summer campers. Lions across Georgia are invited to attend and do routine maintenance work.  Two Jekyll Island Lions drove out to the camp, which is near Waycross, on Friday, 7 April, to do their fair share.

On that Friday, there were a few volunteers from other clubs.  The Jekyll Island Lions were assigned to repair and paint two large picnic tables.  The larger table needed a new top and some cross supports.  They pulled off the rotten wood, replaced it, and painted the table a hunter green.  The other table was weathered but otherwise in good shape so they just painted it.  The whole project took about 4 hours to complete and then it was time for lunch; ribs and potato salad.

The next day, Saturday, 8 April, was the Brunswick Lions Club BBQ Beach Bash at Mary Ross Park in downtown Brunswick.  The Brunswick Lions Club offered free space to the Jekyll Island Lions Club to sell Guggisberg Swiss cheese wheels, Tennessee moonshine cakes, and Jekyll Island telephone books.  Lion Rick showed up early with the merchandise and set up a table in front of the stage.  Lion Rick was then joined by Lion Pete.  The sun kept getting hotter, the sand gnats began biting more, and when the music started at the stage, the Jekyll Island Lions asked for permission to move to another location under a tree.  At 1:00 pm, Lion Pete was relieved by Lion Jim.  Sales were very disappointing and the Club closed up shop before the end of the event.  The question now is what to do with the left over cheese and cakes.

Rick Selling Cheese


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