Cheese, Cakes and Cars!

The Jekyll Island Lions Club grabbed the opportunity to raise funds during the Caffeine and Octane event at the Jekyll Island Convention Center the weekend of 17 to 19 March. Caffeine and Octane is a huge monthly car show and this one drew people from around the southeast.  The Club set up a table in the Beach Village near the Convention Center to sell 2-pound and 4-pound Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese Wheels and Tennessee Moonshine Cakes.  The thought was that the show attendees would have to come into the Beach Village for lunch and they would see the table and be tempted to buy.  However, food vendors set up in the parking lot next to the show so the Club’s sales were much slower than expected.  Lion Rick manned the table from opening at 10:30 am to closing at 2:00 pm. Lion Pete helped from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, when he was relieved by Lion Kay.

In past years, the Club sold cheese at the Jekyll Island BBQ Beach Bash event hosted in January by the Brunswick Lions Club.  This year, the Brunswick Club decided to move the event to 7 and 8 April in Brunswick.  They also changed the name to the Brunswick BBQ Beach Bash.  However, the Jekyll Island Lions Club may still have the opportunity to sell cheese and cakes during the Bash.


The weekend of 7 to 9 April will be a busy one for Lions Clubs in this part of Georgia.  In addition to the Brunswick BBQ Beach Bash, there is a work weekend at the Georgia Lions Camp for the Blind, and a Lion-sponsored parade at the Blessing of the Fleet in Darien.  Jekyll Island Lions Pete and Cathy will be going to the work weekend on 7 April for anyone who wants to join them.


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