Jekyll Island Lions Port Visit


The Jekyll Island Lions Club supports the International Seafarers’ Center‘s Christmas-at-Sea program during the holiday season.  Most of the international seafarers who man the cargo ships that come into the Port of Brunswick spend months away from their families.  This separation is keenly felt at Christmas time.  To provide some comfort, the Christmas-at-Sea program collects useful items, gift wraps them, and presents them to crew members from late November into January.  This season, while the Jekyll Island Lions were dropping off their donations, they were offered an opportunity to learn more about the Port through a briefing and tour. Ten Lions and one spouse accepted.

Mr. Bill Dawson, General Manager of Operations, met the group at the Port Authority Headquarters Building and gave a fascinating talk on the history and operations of the Port of Brunswick.  The three main terminals at the port are Mayor’s Point Terminal, which handles containers and bulk shipping,  Colonel’s Island Terminal, which handles Roll-On/Roll-Off traffic (vehicles) and bulk shipping, and Marine Ports Terminal, which focuses on bulk shipping.  All the terminals are connected to railroad lines and are close to the interstate highway system.

For security and safety reasons, the tour was conducted in a van and the participants were not allowed to get out and wander around.  Nevertheless, Mr. Dawson provided get insight into how the port functions, the types of goods imported and exported, and the method of loading goods and vehicles onto trains for transportation to other parts of the United States.  The Jekyll Island Lions appreciated the time he took to show them around!



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