Cheese, Flags and Telephone Books


The Jekyll Island Lions Club had a phenomenal fundraiser at the annual 4-H Tidelands Art Sale and Auction.  The booth sold $1,000 worth of Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese wheels plus some Tennessee Moonshine Cakes and local telephone books.  This year, cheese sales have been slower than expected, primarily because the nearby Brunswick Lions Club Beach Bash BBQ event was moved from January to April.  The Brunswick Club had always supported the Jekyll Island Club by providing a free space to sell cheese.  Without the January venue, sales dropped off.  The Jekyll Island Lions Club still has 70 wheels of cheese left after the 4-H Tideland event and are hoping to sell out at a potential venue in March. Lions Rick, Pete, Jim and Mike manned the booth during the sale.


On Presidents’ Day, the Jekyll Island Lions Club displayed American flags in the Historic District and the Beach Village.  This time, there were no Lions Club signs by the flags. Since the Jekyll Island Business Association donated $500 to the Club to support the flag display effort, the Club wanted to add the Association’s name to the signs and they had not yet come back from the vendor.  They will be there on Memorial Day!  Lions Norm, Mike, Pete, Jim, Howard and Bob helped with the flag displays on Presidents’ Day.


Work has started in earnest on the 2018-2019 Jekyll Island Telephone Directory.  Lions Cathy and Pete have volunteered to update the residential listings.  In past years, Lions would go door-to-door to collect the information for the book but the Club is experimenting with a new process using online data, social media and traditional media.  The goal is to produce a more accurate book in a faster, more efficient way.  The telephone book project is one of the Club’s biggest fundraising efforts.


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