Jekyll Island Lions Club: Sales and Blood


The Jekyll Island Lions Club supports a variety of charities through financial donations so the major focus of the Club during the year is fundraising.  The Club earns money through the sale of local island telephone books, cheese, and now moonshine cakes.  All three are in inventory and ready for sale.   In past years, one of the best venues for selling cheese has been the Jekyll Island BBQ Bash, put on by the neighboring Brunswick Lions Club.  The BBQ Bash used to be held in January but last year, the weather was terrible with cold temperatures and high winds.  Few people attended. The financial hit was one reason the Brunswick Lions Club moved the Bash from January to April, and from Jekyll Island to Brunswick.  The Brunswick BBQ Bash is now 7 and 8 April.  For the Jekyll Island Lions Club, this change of date and venue has forced the Club to look at other options to sell products. The only confirmed selling venue so far is the Tidelands Art Sale on Sunday, 19 February.

In other news, five Jekyll Lions supported the American Red Cross blood drive held on 19 January.  The Lions either volunteered to help with the drive, donated blood, or both.  The participants were Lions Peter, Bob, Cathy, Howard (the local coordinator), and Stan.



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