A New Year Brings Changes


From left to right, Jekyll Lions President Mike, Ms. Debra Murphy, and Dr. Peter Murphy

The Jekyll Island Lions Club welcomed 2017 with a dinner meeting at McCormick’s Grill on 3 January.  Dr. Peter Murphy, newly elected Glynn County Commissioner of District 2, and his wife Debra, were special guests.  Dr. Murphy discussed issues facing District 2, especially development on Saint Simons Island and around the county.

This meeting concluded some of the projects the Jekyll Lions pursued over the holidays. Bell ringing and donation collecting on behalf of the Salvation Army, under the leadership of Lion Frank, netted $2,574.  There will be a ceremonial handing over of the check to the Salvation Army soon. The collection of items for the Christmas-at-Sea effort filled 16 boxes, each with a variety of items for the seafarers who man the cargo ships coming into the Port of Brunswick. Lion Gaye, the project leader, will turn the boxes over to the International Seafarers’ Center this week.  Meanwhile, Lion C. J. followed through on a Club decision to present a check to help a local island resident whose home caught fire several weeks ago.  In return, she gave the Lions Club a thank you card with a heart felt note inside.

Regarding on-going projects, the Lions again displayed American flags on New Years’s Day.  Lions Pam, Mike, Norm, Bob, Howard, Jim and Pete participated in this endeavor by flying flags in the Historic District and Beach Village.  Lion Rick reported on the cheese sales that the club uses as a major fundraiser.  Plans are to sell cheese and Tennessee Moonshine Cakes at upcoming island events.  There are 152 two-pound wheels of cheese left and only 5 four-pound wheels.  Jekyll Island telephone books are still in inventory, too, and will likely be sold as well.

In other news, the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation has changed the schedule for its monthly clinic in Brunswick at the Coastal Medical Access Project (CMAP).  Instead of coming on a Saturday and starting at 8:00 am, the team will visit Brunswick on a Wednesday and start earlier at 7:30 am.  Meanwhile, Jekyll Lions Jim and Pete continue to collect used eyeglasses locally on behalf of the Foundation.

The Lions Club holds dinner meetings the first and third Tuesday of the month at McCormick’s Grill.  Lion Jim has served as the restaurant liaison for years, going back to when Club dinner meetings were held at Latitude 31.  Being the liaison entails finding out how many members will be attending the meeting so the restaurant staff can prepare the appropriate amount of food and table place settings.  It also involves discussing menu items.  Lion Jim is passing the baton to Lion Pete, who will temporarily fill the role until Lion Harry can pick it up.





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