It’s Lions Party Time on Jekyll Island!


The Jekyll Island Lions Club held its annual holiday party at McCormick’s Grill on 20 December.  The attendees this year included active Lions, their guests, former Lions and the widow of a former Lion.  Lion Kay brought hors d’oeuvres to start off the night. McCormick’s Grill followed up with a wonderful spread of food, including turkey, ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, salad, and pies for dessert.  Wow!

Lion Gaye put together a door prize extravaganza.  When guests came in the front door, she had them put their name on a piece of paper and drop it  into a large bowl.  After dinner was over, names were pulled from the bowl and the winners received a variety of prizes, including lottery tickets, small stuffed lions, drink glasses, and wine.


Of course a small bit of business was conducted, but the main focus was on having a good time with friends.  The evening was enjoyed by everyone.  Seasons greetings!


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