We Speak of Service to the Community

photoscanAt most Jekyll Island Lions Club dinner meetings, a guest speaker is invited to give a talk to the attendees.  This week, the Club was honored to have Mr. William T. Fallon, Deputy Director for Training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, Georgia.  Mr. Fallon gave an excellent overview of FLETC’s history, facilities and mission.  He also described how FLETC gives back to the community.  In particular, he mentioned that the facility has hosted Special Olympics events and employees have participated in Feds Feed Families, an effort to collect non-perishable food items for local food banks.

In addition to Mr. Fallon’s address, three Lions reported on the classes they attended at the Georgia State Convention in May.  Among the reports was a short mention of potential projects Lions Clubs might consider undertaking in the spirit of service rather than fund raising.  These four potential projects are supported by Lions Clubs International and show the variety of ways communities can be served.  One is disaster preparedness through the Lions ALERT program.  Another is hearing aid recycling.  Most Lions Clubs are familiar with eyeglass recycling; hearing aid recycling is similar.  A third is promoting international understanding through the Peace Poster Contest.  And the last is the Strides program, designed to raise diabetes awareness and the importance of healthy exercise.  These types of projects give both visibility and relevance to local Lions Clubs.




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