Farewell Lion Gene and Alice


Lion Gene and Alice selling cheese as a fundraiser for the Lions Club

Some people become such an integral fixture in the community that you never envision them leaving.  Such is the case with Lion Gene and his wife Alice.  They moved to Jekyll Island 23 years ago and have been active in local organizations ever since.  Lion Gene became a member of the Jekyll Island Lions Club and served in several officer positions over the years.


Lion Gene painting a fence at Morningstar Children and Family Services as part of a club service project

In their honor, a community-wide open house was held on 4 September 2016 hosted by the Jekyll Island Lions Club, Jekyll Island Citizens Association, Jekyll Island Arts Association, Jekyll Island Red Cross, and the local Board of Elections.  All of those organizations benefited from the volunteer work performed by Lion Gene and Alice.

Then on 6 September 2016, the Jekyll Island Lions Club honored them in a more intimate way at a club dinner meeting in McCormick’s Grill.  Club members were invited to tell stories about Lion Gene and Alice, and several took the opportunity to reminisce.  Then the club presented them with a parting gift – one of the famous glass floats that the Jekyll Island Authority places around the island for visitors to find during the winter.  It was a wonderful evening.

The club will miss Lion Gene and Alice, who will be moving to Tennessee to be near their children.  We wish them all the best.



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