Jekyll Lions Consider SPOT Vision Screening

Despite being on summer break, the Jekyll Island Lions Club has still been active.  Lions Mike and C.J. attended the Multiple District (MD) 18-N Cabinet meeting on 30 July in Baxley, Georgia.  Lion Mike is the club President and C.J. is the club First Vice President.  They conducted officer training in the morning while the afternoon focused on District Cabinet business.  Lion Mike later summarized the meeting in an email sent out to the Jekyll Island Lions Club membership.


Among the initiatives he discussed was conducting SPOT vision screenings in the local area.   The SPOT device can screen patients from 6 months to adult for vision issues from a distance of 3 feet.  In particular, it can identify amblyopia, a form of blindness in one eye that affects 1 in 50 children.  It usually can only be reversed if found in children before the age of eight.  Lion Mike followed up by seeking club members who would like to receive SPOT training to conduct screenings.  MD18 is fortunate to have a SPOT device that can be used within the district for screening sessions set up by local clubs.  For a short video on the SPOT vision screener and its capabilities, click here.





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