Lions Support Flag Day on Jekyll Island

One of the service projects the Jekyll Island Lions Club undertakes is displaying American flags around the island on all national holidays except Christmas.  The flags are on metal poles and posted in permanent holes located in the Historic District and the new Beach Village.  This year, the club also displayed flags on Flag Day (14 June 2016).


There are enough flag pole holes for 23 flags; 12 in the Beach Village and 11 in the Historic District.  The holes are made with PVC pipe and most have caps to keep dirt out.  The flags are 3 feet by 5 feet and attached to the poles with metal clips.  All of the flags, plus two club signs, are stored for free on the second floor of a maintenance workshop run by the Jekyll Island Authority.  The club performs periodic maintenance on the flags, poles, and pole holes to keep them in working order.  The flags are inspected and replaced when they become too worn for display.



Lions meet at the workshop at 7:30 am to pick up the flags on the day they are to be displayed.  Normally, there are two teams, both with a pick-up truck or other vehicle large enough to safely transport the flags.  One team takes the Historic District and the other the Beach Village.  Once installed, the flags are usually flown until 3:30 pm, when two teams go out and bring them back to the workshop for storage.


Island residents appreciate the flag display, as do the merchants.  It gives the club great positive exposure as well.

#WeServe #LionsClubs #jekyllisland


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