Introducing The Jekyll Island Lions Club

lions logo edit

The Jekyll Island Lions Club was founded on 5 July 1962.  In those 54 years, the club has done a lot of good.  The club currently has dinner meetings at McCormick’s Grill on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from September to May.  Since Jekyll Island is a Georgia state park and resort, the influx of tourists during June, July and August make meetings impractical so we take the summer off.

The club pursues many activities.  It raises funds to support a number of vision-related charities and has also donated funds to aid international disaster relief.  Our two major fund raising efforts are the sale of cheese and the production and sale of the Jekyll Island telephone book.  In addition, we collect used eyeglasses on the island and in surrounding Glynn County for the Georgia Lions Lighthouse Foundation.  Club volunteers assist the Foundation in fitting eyeglasses to patients during their vision testing visits to the Coastal Medical Access Project in Brunswick, too.  Besides vision-related support, the club displays American flags in the island’s Historic District and Beach Village on national holidays.  Other recent projects have included helping the island’s Emergency Services identify citizens who might need assistance in case of a hurricane evacuation, and providing house numbers for easier location.  Outside of the island, we painted a long wooden farm fence at Morningstar Academy.

Tomorrow, four of us will be going to the Georgia Lions State Convention at Callaway Gardens.  More blogging when we get back.






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